Book Review – The Summoning by Kelley Armstrong


TITLE: The Summoning (Darkest Powers #1)
AUTHOR: Kelley Armstrong
PAGES: 390 pages
PUBLISHER: HarperCollins
GENRE: Young Adult, Paranormal, Urban Fantasy

MY RATING: 4/5 birds

Rating - 4 Bird


Chloe Saunders a regular 15 year old girl who just happens to see ghosts. She goes from being just an ordinary teenager to being taken away and locked up in a mental hospital called the Lyle House.

There she meets Liz, Rae, Simon and Derek. Everyone has something “special” about them that is keeping them in the Lyle House and Chloe started to investigate what danger lies not only in the mental hospital but with her new housemates.

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This book was surprisingly good! What I meant by surprising is the first 100 or more pages were honestly kind of boring and I wasn’t sure where this book was heading. Chloe, the main character, gets sent to a “group home” or mental hospital because she can see ghosts and the first half of the book was mainly her going back and forth between believing in her sights and powers and telling herself she is just crazy. The book suddenly picks up though and gets SUPER CREEPY and after that, I just couldn’t put it down!

Not to mention Derek. I know he was described as being really ugly and was pretty scary in the beginning when he hurt Chloe (by accident) and we didn’t know what the hell he was but by the end I really really liked him. He actually was a huge reason why I couldn’t put the book down. Even though Simon might be the one Chloe ends up with (it was hard to tell if he even liked her, he kind of left it open for interpretation at the end before they ran away) I actually hope Chloe ends up with Derek. She spent way more time with him in the novel than anyone else, he always was there to rescue her and I think it would be amazing if the female main character didn’t always fall for the sexy predictable guy, right? Derek seems like he cares for Chloe but he just can’t show it.

Anyways I am definitely going to pick up the rest of this series!
ps. I only gave it 4/5 instead of full ratings because the beginning was really boring for me, I almost didn’t want to continue reading it, but I’m so glad I did! I think the next book will be even better

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