Cover Re-Do Post


Tumbling Books is doing a Challenge Post called Cover Re-Do! This involves picking a book cover to re-do. Tumbling Books re-did The Perks of Being A Wallflower and I thought she did a great job!

For my re-do I chose Return to Paradise by Simone Elkeles. I chose this cover because I think it looks way too cheesy and unprofessional, it definitely needs a makeover! I think besides the kissing close-up the texted used at the bottom for the title is awful. This is my minimalist, simple new cover:

                                                  ORIGINAL                                   MY COVER


I wasn’t a big fan of this book and the cover really turned me off but I enjoyed the first novel so I felt obligated to read the sequel. Unfortunately, much like the title, it wasn’t good. The main character Caleb was a bit of a jerk the whole novel which got old really fast. The whole thing was a bit too unrealistic as well, I will be posting a detailed review soon!


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