The Goal (Off-Campus #4)


TITLE: The Goal (Off-Campus #4)
AUTHOR: Elle Kennedy
PAGES: 350
PUBLISHED: September 26th 2016
PUBLISHER: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
GENRE: Romance, New Adult, Contemporary


Rating - 5 Bird


Sabrina James is a college senior who has everything planned out in her life. Graduate college, go to law school and then land a high-paying job. She doesn’t have time for hockey players, no matter how gorgeous they are. John Tucker is about as gorgeous as they get and when Sabrina gives in to one night of passion her whole planned out future gets pulled out from under her.

Tucker wants to be there for Sabrina, newly pregnant and utterly lost, but she keeps him arm’s length away at all times. Can Tucker convince her that he can take care of her and be everything she needs?

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Oh goodness was anyone else so excited when they finished the book and read the author’s note which said there is a spinoff in the works?!

I really enjoyed this entire Off-Campus series and was pretty sad when I came to the last page but I am glad I took a moment to read the author’s note which is something I very rarely do, I am already looking forward to this spin-off! I wonder if it will be about Sabrina’s friends? I am guessing it will be about Fitzy and Summer though as that was mentioned blatantly in the novel. Yay! Summer seems adorable and I feel like I already love Fitzy…a shy gentleman with tattoos? Swoon.

Anyways…back to this novel. Elle Kennedy just has a way with words and dialogue. She keeps everything so real. She actually has her characters talk the way normal 20-year old college people talk. And she is funny! Tuck was incredibly sweet but I really took to Sabrina. She was amazing. I know Dean hated her in the first novels and that was our only introduction to her but even then, knowing so little about her I got a sense that I would like her, it also seemed pretty fair that she hated Dean for sleeping with the TA and getting an A when she didn’t know the full story. Only lost a star because I wasn’t a big far for how the whole situation with Ray, Nana and Sabrina went. I understand Sabrina had little choice but I felt like that situation was so gross and wasn’t wrapped up for me in any kind of satisfying way, Ray didn’t get any repercussions in my mind for basically trying to rape his step-daughter while she is holding her baby which is seriously fucked up. And then Sabrina just shakes it off and even makes an excuse for Ray, saying he was drunk?!? I feel like that was out of character for her, even though she is terrified of screwing things up with Tuck and her love for him, she is a very strong person and I am really surprised she never stood up to Ray (other than moving out, which she should have done long ago, even before Jamie was born).

Also, I think some readers might dislike this, but I really like how graphic Kennedy was with explaining the whole pregnancy and birthing process. So many romance novels focus on how wonderful life is and they devote maybe two lines about how the female main character feels tired or fat but this was truly realistic. And I find other novels just skim over the birthing process. No, I have no children and don’t plan on it but I can’t stand sugarcoating. Kennedy tell’s it like it is. I can imagine it isn’t just rainbows and sunshine when you get pregnant and have a kid in your 20’s.

Overall, just an amazing series and I am so excited for the spinoff!!

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