Book Review – Bound by Honor


TITLE: Bound by Honor
AUTHOR: Cora Reilly
PAGES: 253
PUBLISHED: December 14th 2014
PUBLISHER: Smashwords
GENRE: New Adult, Romance, Forced Marriage/Bond, Enemies to Lovers

MY RATING: 2/5 birds



Bound by Honor starts out with us learning that Aria is being forced to marry Luca “The Vice” Vitiello through an arranged marriage between two feuding Italian mafia gangs. Aria’s father has betrothed her at only age fifteen to Luca, whom she is to marry at eighteen. Aria sees Luca as a monster, a killer, whom she has nothing in common with and she is terrified to marry him. Their wedding is not about love, it is only about Aria being a good daughter and living up to her duty as a female in the mafia circle.

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This started off interesting but it lost two ‘birds’ immediately due to the cheating. I just can’t believe Luca cheated on his wife only a few days after their wedding! Such a turn-off…I am not sure what the author was thinking. She used cheating as a way to actually bring Luca and Aria back together after they had been avoiding each other and made it a tool to have them actually talk about their relationship, but Aria was such a completely naive doormat. She forgave Luca instantly for no reason. She was a bit too naive, meek, and timid for my liking.

Another ‘bird’ was lost because I did not like the slut-shaming in this novel. It wasn’t too extreme but Luca called Grace a whore for no reason, and he called the girls he used to sleep with sluts. Umm okay, what does that make you then Luca? A huge manwhore and slut, womaniser, and player? Not exactly qualities I like in the main love interest…

I also found their whole mafia world fascinating. It was incredibly sad, women basically being sold off as slaves, their virginity up for auction and worshipped by the men in a creepy way. I can’t say I found any of this romantic, but it was a very interesting and unique plot.

I have a feeling the next novels might prove to be better, especially Gianna and Matteo. Aria’s sister definitely isn’t timid and I have a feeling I will like their story a lot more. The next novel Bound by Duty is about Dante and Valentina. We barely got to see Dante in this novel, I have no idea what his personality is like but Valentina seemed interesting, so we will see where the series goes!

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