Book Review – The Boy Who Sneaks in My Bedroom Window


TITLE: The Boy Who Sneaks in My Bedroom Window
AUTHOR: Kirsty Moseley
PAGES:  242 pages
PUBLISHED: April 30th, 2012
PUBLISHER: Createspace
GENRE: Young Adult, Romance, Friends to Lovers

MY RATING: 1/5 birds

Rating - 1 Bird


This novel is the typical story of the heroine falling in love with her brother’s best friend. Amber Walker and her brother have had a hard childhood due to their abusive father and her brother’s best friend Liam has been comforting Amber for a long time by (as the title states) climbing through her window at night and staying with her as she cries. They have an uneasy friendship for many years as Liam grows up to be a playboy and treats Amber badly when in public, but still comes to her room at night to comfort her. Amber has always thought of Liam as her irritating but sometimes sweet older brother’s friend but what happens when she starts developing feelings for a boy who has never shown an interest in her outside of their bedroom?


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There are many things wrong with this book and I am a bit disappointed I actually paid money for this. It has a rating of 3.97 though on goodreads, so I wasn’t expecting something THIS BAD! These are the top seven things I did not like about this novel:

1. I feel like this was a New Adult book masked as Young Adult. It sure was risque enough. It 100% could have been written as New Adult if Amber was in university/college because
a) their mom was basically never in the story because she was conveniently always away with work, leaving her sixteen year old daughter home with her also teenage brother #momoftheyearaward
and b) Amber’s school life was barely discussed and could have easily been placed within a university/college situation.

2. Amber was an incredibly terribly written character and the author did not convince me there was anything interesting about her beyond her abuse and relationship to Liam. Even her abuse is a stretch because Liam is the entire focus of the novel. At a point in the novel Liam said Amber had a good body because of “all the dancing” she does and I really felt like I didn’t actually know her character at all when reading that because the author barely talked about her being a dancer but it’s apparently important in her life and she dances all the time?

3. THE MOM.Sheesh that woman was terrible. Just listen to this completely CRINGY line Amber’s mom says when she finds out Liam is dating her daughter:

“I should have known! All that teasing and stuff, I didn’t realise it was sexual tension!”

Seriously WTF!? That is such an awkward and cringy thing for a mom to say to their SIXTEEN YEAR OLD daughter. Seriously.

And as I mentioned above she leaves all the time and at one point in the novel their mom breaks down because (view spoiler) and Amber and her brother Jake are upset because “she was always the strong one”. Well that was a complete shock to me because I don’t recall their mom standing up for her kids when her abusive husband was beating and sexually abusing them. Their horrible dad didn’t leave because she kicked him out or anything, the kids had to take matters into their own hands with Liam and Jake beating him up and telling him to never come back. Wow, way to go mom! And I don’t care about the circumstance, any mom that lets their sixteen year old daughter sleep with their boyfriend is messed up.

4. Liam is going to college. He is too old for Amber. The end.

5. The really bad slut shaming. At first I noticed it right away but it didn’t bother me too much because Amber also called Liam and her brother sluts and manwhore too, so even though I wasn’t entirely comfortable with it at least the author wasn’t just slut shaming women. But then it was seriously taken to a whole new level. It was honestly disgusting. The author I think tried to show Amber sticking up for herself against people like Grace but it made her stoop to their level and she came across as a mega bitch.

6. THE AUTHOR HAS NO IDEA WHAT SOMEONE WHO HAS BEEN ABUSED IS LIKE! Amber acts so ridiculous, shoving money down Liam’s pants in front of the entire school, dressing provocatively (and not like the way The Sea of Tranquility does, as an abuse survivors way of coping, nope Amber does it to look sexy for her boyfriend) and I am not a therapist but I don’t think a girl who was molested as a child by her father for years would be particularly interested in morning wood in her back for years and getting her ass grabbed by Liam. I understand the author tried to play it off like Amber couldn’t let anyone else touch her but Liam, but I do not buy that at all. It just doesn’t any sense how skittish she is with other people but goes so far, so fast with Liam. For godsakes her close friend gave her a simple hug and she felt super uncomfortable. Seriously WTF.
I can’t even put my “dark-subject” tag that I usually use in abuse stories because this was not dark at all.

And lastly…

7. The ending. Amber and Jake mention, I think only once, how they feel guilty that they didn’t call the police on their father and then he continued to abuse his new family. But then at the end of the novel Amber has ACTUAL RECORDINGS of her father ADMITTING to the abuse and they STILL DO NOTHING!! Great, now he can continue the cycle of abuse a THIRD time, but at least you have Liam, eh Amber?

Definitely not my cup of tea although the premise was intrigiung. I think I would still give this author another chance if I was certain she wouldn’t use slut-shaming in her books and wrote from the New Adult perspective.

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