5/5 Birds = I loved this book, can’t put it down and would probably re-read it if I have the time. Even if the book has some flaws they are so minor to me that I can completely skim over them. The book is almost perfect in my eyes!rating-4-birdnew

4/5 Birds = This was very enjoyable but had quite a few flaws. Most of them I can glaze over but there was probably at least one bad element to the story that made me hesitant to give it a full five bird review.rating-3-birdnew

3/5 Birds = This was good but had many lacking elements. There was a lot of potential there but elements of the novel made me disinterested or irritated.Rating - 2 New.jpg

2/5 Birds = It was okay but had many issues. I could see some potential and it wasn’t terrible, but not quite good either. Usually books with many glaring grammar and spelling mistakes fall here (unless they are ARCs and unpublished when I am reading them).Rating - 1 BirdNew.jpg

1/5 Birds = Did not enjoy at all. This book would make me feel incredibly frustrated and/or aggravated. This usually includes books that I didn’t finish or had to skim-read just to finish because it was that bad.