Book Review – Mind Games


TITLE: Mind Games
AUTHOR: Kiersten White
PAGES: 237
PUBLISHED: Feburary 19th 2013
GENRE: Young Adult, Dystopia, Post Apocalyptic, Fantasy, and Urban Fantasy.

Rating - 3 Bird


This is a story about two sister assassins. Fia is impulsive but follows her gut. Her sister Annie is blind but born with a strong mind that plagues her with visions of the future. Being trapped in a school that uses them for their extraordinary powers, Annie and Fia are trying to find a balance. They use their abilities for espionage while trying to escape their life of servitude for the school, but disobeying orders comes with a heavy price…

An explosive psychological thriller with twists and turns – these sisters will keep you on the edge of your seat till the last page.

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This was a fairly interesting read! Despite all the flaws, such as the strange writing which was hard to follow at some points (the constant stream of consciousness wasn’t written as well as Shatter Me) and the two point of views (Annie and Fia’s) that I had a hard time telling apart, there was something about it that drew me in. I really liked Fia, she was a bit whiny but I felt like it was justified. and I really liked how the main male lead, James was written, I think that really made the story for me. He was the main love interest throughout the story but he was hard to trust, I really don’t know if he loved Fia, maybe he thought he did but doesn’t really know what love is? It was definitely interesting to read, he reminded me a bit of Warner from Shatter Me though.

In regards to the constrain steam of consciousness this is a sample of the writing:

I have no idea. My plans changed about five minutes ago.” I look over my shoulder to see the men, three (tap tap tap – I hate the number three), thick shoulders, one gun between them based on the way the guy in the middle is walking (that was a mistake, they should all have guns – guess they’ll find out) matching our pace and getting closer.

Was that a little bit awkward? You get use to it after the first few chapters but it is definitely strange.

I have read the Paranormalcy series by Kiersten White which was pretty good too (I will be adding my reviews soon) I think I’ll keep reading this series and whatever else White offers!