Top Ten Tuesday – Best/Worst Movie Adaptations

Each week The Broke and Bookish  hosts a Top Ten Tuesday based on a chosen literary topic. This weeks topic is Top Ten best and worst movie adaptions! So here is my list without further ado broken up into the best 5 and the worst 5.

The Best:


1. The Lord of the Rings series (and the Hobbit too!) – I read these books when I was 13 and I never thought it could or would ever be turned into a movie. There was a really crappy animated version that I watched when I was even younger which is just awful. Peter Jackson took a richly complex and wonderful story and really made it entertaining for the first time! I have to admit that my boyfriend and I watch TTT and RoTK a lot. Maybe too much?
And I really enjoyed the Hobbit. I was really excited when it came out but I was worried how such a short children’s book could be spread into a 3 hour, 3 part movie series but I loved how Jackson added a lot of additional information, some which came from the history of middle earth, another series finished by Tolkien’s son. I am a total nerd for all things LoTR, I can still remember being in junior high and watching the movie 5 times in the theatres! That is 15 hours happily spent 🙂

2. The Hunger Games – I was pleasantly surprised at how good the adaptation was. Sure, it wasn’t perfect and there were a few big flaws (such as missing characters and important scenes) but overall I enjoyed it and I am excited for Catching Fire to come out!

3. Pride and Prejudice – this was another surprise for me because this book is such a classic but Matthew MacFadyen plays the most perfect Darcy. Keira Knightley also seems a perfect cast for Elizabeth and I think great characters is the most important element for this adaptation to work. I even like the TV series with Colin Firth but the 2005 adaptation

4. The Harry Potter series – I think individually the movies have a lot of flaws but I think each movie got better and better and the final 2 were done extremely well. Yes, there was  a lot left out and changes made that didn’t really work but overall I found the whole movie series enjoyable and who doesn’t love Emma Watson? Hermione was played out perfectly in my eyes!

5. Fight Club This isn’t a YA book (far from it) but I thought the movie was very entertaining even though it didn’t stick too closely to the novel. Palahniuk is a hard writer to follow, I was surprised when I first found out they were making this novel into a movie but it was really well done. They couldn’t have picked a better cast with Brad Pitt and Edward Norton.

The Worst:


6. Beastly – I didn’t have high expectations for this one but it was truely awful. The whole premise was ruined because the main character wasn’t even a beast! He just had some tattoos on his face. Ooooh scary!

7. Beautiful Creatures – This is a little unfair because I barely gave this movie a chance. I did not like the book so did I expect the movie to be any better? In one word: No. No it was not better.

8. Twilight – I was one of those people who really did not enjoy the movie. But common, Edward looked like a sparkly princess and Kristen Steward had zero emotion.

I can’t think of 2 more but notice a theme here? Must stay away from all black covers when watching book adaptations!

Here are also some novels they are planning on making into movies in the next few years:
The ones with * at the end are ones I am excited for

City of Bones (The Mortal Instruments #1) by Cassandra Clare *

The Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan *

Delirium by Lauren Oliver

Vampire Academy by Rachelle Mead *

The Maze Runner by James Dashner *

Divergent by Veronica Roth *

and others that are in development (which I think means they could not be made) are Shiver, Fallen, Uglies, Before I Fall, and The Raven Boys.

Think any of the books above that are being made into movies are a mistake or are you excited?
What are your best and worst adaptations?